Valentine's Embellished Woven Ribbon Headband

Valentine's Embellished Woven Ribbon Headband

How to Make Embellished Woven Ribbon Headband Valentines Theme

Contributor post by Danielle at Korker Krazy

We love a good excuse to make one of our favorite woven ribbon headbands, and what better time than when ribbons and lace are all the rage - Valentine's Day?!  These headbands are super fun (and easier than they look) to make, and like Danielle demonstrates here, they can be embellished to your heart's desire (corny pun intended).

Supplies Needed: Woven Headband Felt - Whatever colors you would like! Sequin Bow (Optional) Scissors Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Make your Valentine's Woven Headband. You can follow my tutorial instructions for a woven headband here.

After you have made your headband get your felt ready. You need two matching squares that are 2x2 and 2 matching 1" felt circles (you can also use squares for this).

Fold your felt pieces in half and cut them into heart shapes. Make sure your matching shapes are the same.

Glue your big heart onto your headband. Glue both pieces of felt together with the headband in the middle.

Glue your other hearts the same way. You can space them however you want on your headband.

Decorate your hearts! I added this sequin bow. You could add anything or leave the felt blank.

Woven Ribbon Headband Tutorial - Valentines

So cute! My daughter loves it and can't wait to wear it on Valentine's Day!

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