Jumbo Salon Pinch Hair Clip - 2 Pack

Jumbo Salon Pinch Hair Clip - 2 Pack

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Jumbo Salon Pinch Hair Clip - 2 Pack

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Jumbo Salon Pinch Clips

Our jumbo salon clips are ideal for hair styling and also make a fabulous "third hand" while making hair-bows! Crafters love these for holding the centers of their bows in place while tying.

1 brown and 1 hot pink clip are included.

Length is approx. 4.5"

 CPSIA Compliant


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  1. posted by Anna MacKenzie on 2016-03-28

    Is one side ot this clip curved?

    Thanks, Ann

    1 answer
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2016-03-28 14:55:46

      This clip is approximately 4.5" in length. Both prongs are slightly curved in the same direction. The bottom prong is slightly more narrow than the top prong. The design is such that the more narrow, bottom prong overlaps inside of the top prong to ensure a solid hold.

  2. posted by Trish on 2016-10-10

    Are the clips metal or plastic? Do they securely hold hair when separating layers for haircuts?

    1 answer
    1. Kristi Banwart

      2016-10-10 13:25:12

      The Jumbo Salon Pinch Clips work great for separating layers for a hair cut. They are designed for that purpose, and they will work well for you.

  3. posted by Stephanie Maloney on 2018-07-13

    Are these clips metal or plastic?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2018-07-13 16:29:44

      The Jumbo Salon Pinch Hair Clips are metal.

  4. posted by Jackie on 2019-07-21

    What is the width of these clips?

    1 answer
    1. Garrett Hill

      2019-07-22 13:55:17

      The Jumbo Salon Pinch Hair Clip is approximately 1/2" wide at the widest point.

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